Hypoxi Hypoxidermology

Problem Area: Hips, Buttock and Thighs

Inspired by the positive effects of cupping developed by the Chinese, HYPOXI adopted the method and developed it into a contemporary and sophisticated treatment.

The HDC creates a way for the lymph fluid and accumulated toxins to leave the connective and fatty tissue. The cupping movements train the skin, leading to an overall improvement in tone and texture.

The pressure chambers within the HDC suit are in contact with the stomach, buttocks, hip and thigh region. The chambers act in a similar way to the cupping technique but:

  • There is no direct skin contact, so less possibility of bruising post treatment.
  • A greater surface area can be treated in the manual cupping and
  • The high and low pressure intervals stimulate circulation by encouraging the supply of oxygen and nutrient enriched blood to the tissue leading to an increase in cell activity and regeneration

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