HYPOXI has been internationally acclaimed as one of the most effective targeted fat loss and cellulite reduction treatments to come on the market in recent years.

Since its introduction in Australia in 2006, thousands of Australian men and women have already experienced the benefits HYPOXI has to offer. There are a growing number of HYPOXI operators located around the country who offer HYPOXI treatments in a private, professional environment. These operators are supported by a technical and marketing team who work behind the scenes to ensure every customer achieves the results they desire. Hypoxi Australia Pty Limited.

Hypoxi Australia and how it all started

Hypoxi Australia Pty Limited (www.hypoxi.com.au) was established in 2004 after one of the founders lost 18Kg in a small Hypoxi studio in London. Devastated that Hypoxi treatments were not available in Australia, the founders swiftly set up Australian operations so they could bring the revolutionary product into the country.

Today, Hypoxi Australia is the exclusive distributor of HYPOXI body shaping equipment to businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

Hypoxi Australia stands by the effectiveness and financial viability of its products – so much so that it has established and operated its own treatment studio in Sydney for over 4 years with great success.

100% Australian owned and operated, the company is aware of the needs and dynamics of the Australian fitness and beauty markets. With a team of dedicated staff and experienced technicians on the ground.

Hypoxi has been in Europe for more than 8 years and just launched in LA fast becomming the most effective cellulite and fat reduction solution in the market today.

For Hypoxi treatment contact us here at Hypoxi Toning or for business opportunites please contact Hypoxi Australia to find out more.

Where we are

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